Installing Signage Like No Other

The first step in installing custom signs is getting the proper sign permit. The Saint Paul building department must approve your sign design before it can be installed. This process is lengthy, as it includes two different approval levels: design approval and administrative. Design approval determines the aesthetics of the sign relative to its location. Before you can receive a sign permit, you must submit some information about your business. In Saint Paul, for example, you need to provide the square footage of all other signs on your property, as well as the lot dimensions. The city will then require more information to approve your sign.

In addition to the design process, the content of your custom sign will be tailored to your business. You can include your business name, logo, or message. Keep in mind that most people read signs while driving. You don’t want to have lengthy messages or difficult-to-understand words on your signs. You’ll also want to incorporate your business colors and brand colors. Custom signs can be very effective marketing tools. So why not give your business a boost?

Custom signs also play a vital role in promoting your company’s corporate image. By creating a consistent image for your business, custom signs help you “brand” your business and create an entity that consumers can relate to. With custom signs, you can build a landmark that influences the perception of your company and brand. This is an important aspect for any business because it helps your customers recognize and remember you. If your signage doesn’t reflect these factors, you could lose potential customers.

Custom signs are great for safety and health messaging. Safety messages are most effective when people read them at the right time. Posters about pinch-point safety should be displayed close to machinery or near where employees to store their ladders. For example, you can alter an AccuformNMC safety sign to fit your space and hang it in a location that’s most effective. This way, your safety messages can remain effective for a longer time. And, your employees won’t need to constantly change your sign every time an employee leaves the workplace.

When choosing a sign contractor, you need to make sure that they have the right credentials. Look for a company that has been around for years and has a proven track record. Check out online reviews and ask hard questions. The bottom line is that you want a sign company with a solid reputation. Spending a few extra minutes now can prevent issues down the road. It’s also wise to compare the materials used by each company before you choose the one that’s best for your needs.

LED illuminated signs give your logo a more professional look and are more noticeable at night. Wayfinding signs guide visitors and bolster your brand. Interior logo signs add a professional look to your space. Wall plaques and other custom signage can get your customers into your building. Custom colors and materials to help make your sign stand out. You can even use LED lighting on the pylons to send out dynamic messages. There’s no end to the benefits of custom signage.